New Tenant Information:

Application Process and information required prior to move in after an application has been approved:

  1. The application process is not unlike that of many management companies  a completed application is required for review prior to any and all approvals.
  2. Each applicant of legal age is required to appear on the application.
  3. We do require verification of income for all applicants.
  4. We do require first and last on each rental unit.  For non inclusive or tenant pays utilities units verification of the utilities being in the tenants name is required prior to keys being issued.  We recommend that utilities accounts information be submitted to our office on the day prior to move in or sooner,  this helps us to expedite your move in.
  5. Contact information is gathered on each applicant.  This information is kept in accordance with the freedom of information act and is used only for the expressed purpose of contacting the tenant directly.
  6. For tenants that own a vehicle or have a vehicle that will be parked on the rental property, we do require verification of licensing and insurance.
  7. Tenants that own pets are required to keep all pets in accordance with the local bylaws including licensing and shots / vaccinations.
  8. All applicants are required to be met in person prior to the tenancy being formed.  This allows us to verify the legal identity of all tenants in accordance with all laws governing signing of a lease or contract agreement.
  9. Tenant insurance is mandatory for all new leases and must be valid for the duration of your tenancy , a copy must be provided to the office prior to key release 
  10. Contact information and email must be current at all times along with any emergency contact that is provided .

Upon being accepted as a tenant the following will be provided:

  1. Each new tenancy is provided with a standard package of information regarding the RTA or Residential Tenancy Act.  This package helps to outline each parties legal rights under the RTA.
  2. Each new tenancy is always provided with maintenance request contact information and direct contact information for R.A.M.
  3. In an effort to help new tenants with the transition to a new management company seasonal information packages are also provided for the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons.  These are just helpful reminders for tenants and have been shown to help many tenants understand what happens to there rental property as the seasons change.
  4. As we are parents and family members ourselves, we understand that your housing needs can change from time to time.  We like to make new tenants aware that as their family may grow, we here at R.A.M. will assist them with the growth of their housing (when possible).

Problem Resolution:

We too have been tenants at one time and understand that a difference of opinion can happen between the tenant and management. We encourage open communication between all parties.  If you should ever find that there is a difference of opinion or if a dispute should arise please do not hesitate to talk with us.  Many problems that can occur between a tenant and management are easily solved with a good old fashioned conversation.  We have found over the years that the best resolution to a situation is to simply communicate.  R.A.M. staff are obligated under our guidelines to listen to tenant concerns and bring them to upper management as needed.  

We do listen to our tenants.  If you should feel a need to contact upper management directly, simply send a written request marked "Attention Upper Management" and will be be in contact with you shortly after it has been received.

Changing your tenancy or Subletting:

Due to the nature of subletting and the legal implications that can happen to the primary lease holder, we do not encourage subletting of our units.  If your living situation should change and you are considering subletting your unit, please contact us immediately so that we can assist as needed with your lifestyle or need change.  Any and all requests to sublet are subject to approval.

Adding additional person(s) other than children to your lease agreement must be reviewed by management.  This review is conducted under the guidelines of Fire Safety, Unit maximum Capacity, and other governed requirements.  Again as your needs change do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you.

Additional Information:

We encourage questions to be asked and staff to assist our tenants whenever possible.  All R.A.M. staff are encouraged to talk to our tenants.  As a new tenancy comes with many questions, and as management changes on a building even more questions can arise, we invite you to contact us for clarification of any question(s).