R.A.M. Property Management is proud to offer Tenants some of the Safest, Cleanest, and most comfortable rental units in the Greater Windsor Ontario Area!

R.A.M. Property Management adheres to the strongest corporate guidelines for building safety available!  We adhere to all required regulations and beyond!

Why live in a building that is unsafe?  when you can rest assured your in a R.A.M. SAFE Building!

Being open and reachable is a key component here at R.A.M. we encourage open communication.  When your a tenant your Landlord should be reachable.  When your a building owner your questions should be answerable.  Experience the R.A.M. DIFFERENCE Today!


Tenants have the right to expect a safe, clean presentable home.

Clients and building owners have the right to expect management to create a safe, clean, and presentable home for their tenants.

Here at R.A.M. we blend these two items together to create just that! The Safest, Cleanest, And most Presentable rental units possible!

The staff and management at R.A.M. adhere to some of the strictest guidelines in the rental industry, constantly working to improve a tenants rental experience and a building owners experience without lowering the standards....

We invite you to read both our Client information page (for general client and investor information),

and our Tenant information page (for general information for new applicants and tenants),

We are sure you will see why the R.A.M. (Responsible, Accessible, Management) is the best way...........

Feel like coming in for a visit?

Our offices are located at

1698 University Ave, West here in Windsor Ontario.

Feel free to come in and meet our friendly staff, ask some, questions, or just get to know your Management Team.

We encourage it!

Wondering whats involved in becoming a Revenue Property Owner?

Feel free to contact us to set up an opportunity to discuss whats involved.  With our dedicated team of management professionals, real estate and insurance agents, there is no question that can not be answered!

Looking for that perfect home in a few weeks or months?

Many R.A.M. building owners are upgrading your future home now! This is your opportunity so see it and to know whats actually going into your future home.  Contact us today to schedule a pre-completion tour!  All tours conducted are subject to applicable safety rules and guidelines.  tours are conducted outside of normal work hours.

Looking to purchase that ideal Revenue Property?

We have a dedicated team here at R.A.M. that is always looking for new properties for our clients.  Looking with your investment in mind.  Building Data is always available along with information on evaluated properties.  Once you have decided to become an owner, let our team show your how simple it actually can be and what is available to purchase today!